Dr. Arambulo lectures on FUE: Man versus  ROBOT


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                                                         Click to watch  Dr. Arambulo’s  FUE  speed and efficiency 



Follicular Unit Extraction  (FUE)

The thought of a machine extracting FUE grafts is an attractive one if the machine can replicate the touch of an expert human practitioner, and if it can boost the speed of the extraction process. The ARTAS® System is the most mechanized FUE device ,  a completely robotic device for harvesting FUs for hair restoration. This mechanical device  is said to be  designed to enhance the physician’s speed and efficiency in incising and extracting FUs.  Marketing claim is, the ROBOT can harvest 1000 grafts in an hour, Dr. Arambulo on the other hand can harvest 38 grafts /minute. . Click to watch  Dr. Arambulo’s  FUE  speed and efficiency 

Because  of some misleading informations , it is the obligation of  any physician  claiming that he performs FUE procedure to provide  the  video  to all patients  to show his knowledge , skills,  speed and efficiency  in  performing FUE procedure, and  documentation of intact grafts production. The robot on the other hand , may work for doctors who wish to provide Follicular Unit Extraction  without mastering the FUE procedure by manual punch or  motorised device. According to Dr. Arambulo, it is important for the  FUE physician provider to be adept in both  manual and motorised FUE device , so that , when performing FUE procedure , there is no disruption in the  procedure when  the device being used just stops to function . In addition ,patient must know that the end result from FUE  is not based on the  machine alone  but physician’s knowledge, skills, experience , adept on choice of FUE device  and a well trained surgical team.

Dr. Arambulo ( Click to watch  her FUE  speed and efficiency)  performs FUE  with the use of  manual  tool and motorised device ,  the SAFE – SCRIBE SYSTEM . According to her , like the other  experienced FUE surgeons , she will not agree on some  ARTAS  marketing value claims and below are  just some concerns that make a lot difference between a physician doing the FUE procedure and the ROBOT.

a. Punch size use: Dr. Arambulo uses a smaller punch size with smaller diameter (0.75-0.9 mm) according to  patient’s scalp characteristics . A smaller punch means faster healing of the donor area and there is less likely to be damage to surrounding grafts.

b.Quality grafts  selection to harvest:  According to Dr. Arambulo , depending on patients need, the FUE physician provider can better discern which are the best follicular grafts to harvest.

c.  Speed of Extraction : Dr. Arambulo  can harvest more  intact grafts , even faster from the  scalp as shown on this video   Click to watch  Dr. Arambulo’s  FUE  speed and efficiency 

d.  Shaving the head:   Whole scalp shaving is only done in our centre  in big FUE procedures and not necessarily in small  FUE procedures. Please go to Follicular Unit Extraction page to understand FUE scalp preparation better.

e. Limited donor areas:  With use of  manual punch and motorised  FUE device Body Hair Transplant (BHT)  becomes possible . BHT is  important in patients with depleted  scalp donor but want unwanted hairs from the chests, beard , legs , thighs etc. to use as donors.  See how Dr. Arambulo does Body Hair Transplant . In the opinion of Dr. Arambulo ,BHT  is the limitation in expensive ARTAS technology.

f.  Limited hair characteristics:  All patients with  different hair characteristics and texture according to Dr. Arambulo are candidates for FUE in her  experience. FUE candidates are  limited  with ARTAS technology.

e. Transection rate and burried grafts:  ARTAS Transection rate  and  buried grafts incidence, need further clinical studies but in our centre , we have photo and written documentation of FUE grafts quality and quantity.  Dr. Arambulo is updated in knowledge and instrumentation technology to provide the best quality FUE  grafts production  to get the optimum result from FUE.  Click to watch  Dr. Arambulo’s  FUE  speed and efficiency 

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