Cost of Hair Transplant

grafts production body hairAHRC  adopted  method of grafts production accounting .



Determining whether a patient is a candidate for this procedure requires extensive discussion between the patient and the hair surgeon.  Asian Hair Restoration Center always strives to make hair restoration procedure as affordable as possible.The  cost of hair transplant  procedure determined on choice of technique  and  patient’s goal is typically priced at a cost per graft  and  will vary  for each individual . The dissected follicular unit   grafts  either by  STRIP  or FUE technique will show  different hair groupings. The more number of hairs per graft , the more volume effect and scalp coverage it will create . Below photo shows follicular unit with 3′s -4′s hairs and  are well selected by FUE technique. The hair groupings depend on race, age and genetics.


FUE graft with wsite n logo

    Individual Follicular Unit  Graft  harvested by FUE showing 4 hairs/ graft



(before tax)

STRIP                                                                                      FUE

Each graft over 2000                                                           Each graft over 1000

Php 85/graft                                                                            Php 160/graft


Each graft over 2000                                                          Each graft over 2000

Php 80/graft                                                                         Php 150 / graft


Exclusive of punch and PRP                                               Exclusive of PRP


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Mode of Payment:
Cash, Credit Card, Manager’s Check , Bank to Bank Transfer

To secure your procedure date , AHRC requires,  a deposit  before your scheduled appointment procedure.  Your balance is due and payable a day prior to or on the day of surgery.


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