Doctor on Vacation


 This is to inform you that Dr. J. Peralta-Arambulo is not available for the procedure on the following dates:

Jan 24-27,2017

Jan 28.2017 ;

March 30 to April 2,2017;


  • However ,even if Dr . Arambulo is out of town/ the country  , please still call for  appointment . It will save your time if measurement of some scalp parameters required  is done  prior to seeing Dr. Arambulo . In addition actual photos and videos of  our full procedure will be shown on your initial visit  and this will   help you understand further the proocedure and  that our physician hair restoration specialist  ,Dr. Arambulo doesn’t delegate ,but,  does herself the major and critical parts  in both strip FUT and FUE procedures ; the  details involve in the procedure and the importance of knowledge, experience ,skills , speed and good surgical  teamwork are important factors to consider : to save  and place every single hair strand in correct distribution for  the best natural and permanent result. In addition, ignorance about the quality of work  and accounting of  the number of grafts to place  in hair transplant procedure will affect  the end result and your goal. Call for personal consultation to learn more. (CONTACT US )