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Dr. Arambulo continues to  update herself with the new developments and techniques in hair restoration surgery by attending various scientific meetings and workshops worldwide.

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  • Do you know that the Non-surgical Update Therapies: Medical, Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) for hair regrowth,Low Level Laser Therapy(LLLT) and Scalp Micropigmentation? (SMP). Contact us to learn more about it.  Click CONTACT

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International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 24th Annual World Congress , Las Vegas Sept  28 – Oct. 1 ,2016

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Speaker:  Topic: PRP on Alopecia Areata at the Biobridge Conference, Venice , Sept. 2016

  • Do you know that dedicated surgical staff needs also continuous learning and honing of skills?


  • Do you know that  good results depend on Physicians, knowledge,experience,physicians artistry  and how she takes part in training the surgical team.A personal consultationwith the physician will help you in your decision.


Dr. Arambulo participated at the  International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery ,22nd Annual Scientific Meeting ,  Oct. 8-12,2014, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. She lectured on “FUE Eyebrow Transplant with the use of Implanter “


  • Do you know that an initial visit is important to understand what a well trained surgical team  is ?


Bettina Pennalosa RN  well trained surgical staff of AHRC ,had the privilege to  participate  at the Surgical Assistant Program of the  International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery ,22nd Annual Scientific Meeting , Oct. 8-12,2014, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. She lectured on “Graft Dissection”.

  • “Do you know that the challenge in Body Hair Transplant is how to give more grafts in patients with limited  scalp donor supply?


International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 21st Annual Scientific Meeting ,October 23-26,2013,Hyatt Regency  San Francisco

  • Do you know that the result from surgery depends on the physicians’s knowledge , skills, and experience and  a well trained surgical team?



“ Follicular Unit Extraction”  Lecturer ; 36th Annual Pre Convention Congress ,Cosmetic Dermatology: A Science,November 6,2013,Crowne Plaza,Ortigas,Philippines

  • “Do you know that FUE  is done  only by few talented  hair transplant specialists all over the world?’



Follicular Unit Extraction Workshop ;  Dr. Arambulo as Faculty;  Philippine Academy of Cutaneous Surgery ; November 5,2013,at Asian Hair Restoration Center, Ortigas, Philippines

  • “Do you know the shingling effect can increase the hair volume effect?”


Orlando Live Surgery Workshop. April 17-20,2013.Clinic Sponsor:Bosley; Sponsored by Dr. Matt Leavitt and the ISHRS:Hard Rock Hotel,Orland0

  • “ Do you know that proper  assessment and selection of patients is important to have the best result   from both  the medical surgical treatments ?”



Pearls in Evaluating Hair Loss; Long term Efficacy of Finasteride in the treatment of Androgenic Alopecia (AGA); What works and what does not work in AGA by Dr. Jerry  Shapiro, during the AP Dermatology Summit:Effective Management of Patients with Dermatologic Disorders ,A Multidisciplinary Approach to Patient Care II;Hyatt Regency Lncheon,Ballroom (2F), South Korea ,August 10-12,2012.

  • Do you know the importance of strip FUT and FUE procedures combined?



Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons ( AAHRS) 2nd Annual Scientific Meeting; COEX Convention Center,Seoul,Korea; May 11-13,2012

  • Do you know  the advantage of the physican who can perform both the powered and manual FUE?




Advanced Review Course for Beginners and Experienced Surgeons : FUT and FUE Live Demonstration;Dr.Hwangs Hair Hair Clinic,Seoul Korea :May 11,2012″

  • Do you know the only FDA approved medical treatment for Hairloss?


Dr. J.Peralta-Arambulo with  Gail K. Naughton,Ph.D.,Histogen CEO,Chairman of the Board,Dr David Perez -Meza from Mexico ,a Principal Investigator of  Histogen’s HSC Phase 1 clinical trial .Dr. Miguel R. Arambulo III , and Dr. Mark A. Hubka,Histogen Director of Clinical Affairs in Alaska,Anchorage last September 2011   Histogen’s  “Hair Stimulating Complex “ (HSC is a soluble embryonic-like protein liquid formula  of naturally secreted growth factors,proteins and other synergistic bioproducts which have been shown to both stimulate resting hair follicles and induce new follicle formation safely in preliminary human clinical evaluation. Histogen’s Hair stimulating Complex click

  • Do you know that there are many devices available to perform the FUE harvest but the final outcome depends on the operator?



“New Vistas and Trusted Techniques in Hair Transplantation” : International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 9th Annual Scientific Meeting .Alaska,Anchorage, September 14-18,2011

  • Do you know that proper trichophytic closure makes scar in strip  FUT undetectable


ISHRS Regional Workshop:”New Advances in Asian Hair Transplantation-Live Surgery Workshop” hosted by Damkerng Pathomvanich,MD,FACS Montien Riverside Hotel and Thai Jaksu Medical Center,Bangkok ,Thailand,Junes 25-27,2010

  • Do you know that it is good to have mentor and a friend in hair transplant?



ISHRS Regional Workshop: Follicular Unit Extraction: State of the Art Methology and Instrumentation hosted by Dr. James Harris,October 2-3, 2009, Hair Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado

  • Do you know that the surgical assistant knowledge and skills  is important for the procedure to be successful?


 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 17th Annual Scientific Meeting held in Amsterdam The Netherlands, July 2009; with the head surgical coordinator,Margaux  Arambulo Lucena ,RN


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