Initial Instructions


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The decision to undergo hair transplant surgery should be well thought out and never done in haste. Your choice of physician should  be based on proofs of efficiency, experience  and the  surgical team. Dr. Julieta Peralta- Arambulo, is, a Fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society , Diplomate of the Philippine Board of Dermatology and   the first and only Filipino Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery ( ABHRS) ( ) . She herself performs the major and critical parts of the procedures especially in  FUE surgery . Our actual  videos  of the well planned procedure  and post operative instructions  will be shown on your initial visit  to  guide you in the scalp preparation and help you understand the procedure further  .

Since not all hair loss problems are the same ,  Dr. Arambulo as a Diplomate of PDS and ABHRS,  has the authority to discuss the comprehensive medical treatments  that will work best for you.  For  patients candidate for surgery ,  careful  planning  especially in young patients of the limited donor supply is important to reach the beneficial aesthetic result .To  understand the benefits from the procedure  , initial personal consultation appointment  is important and for those patients considering the procedure ,following the  instructions below , is important to facilitate, the scalp assessment and evaluation , our work to make your surgery experience  as pleasant as possible .


Please submit to us  the following

• Scalp photos below :front ,top,sides and back for initial assessment

Dwaine baeline initial isntruction

• List of  your medical conditions, oral medications including multivitamins and hair

•  Fill up and submit  the   Medical History Form (click). 

• Laboratory  tests results prior to surgery ,to be done  preferably at the ,TheMedical City :

CBC ,Platelet count ,Prothrombin Time ,

Partial Thromboplastin Time ,Hbs Ag, Anti- Hbs/c, Anti- HCV ,HIV Elisa


• For patients’  other concerns below,  please submit the following for initial  assessment


Filled up medical history form

Scalp photos: front, top,sides and back

Body hairs photos


Filled up medical history form

Eyebrows  photos


Filled up medical history form

Headshot and photo of  moustache design you prefer


Filled up medical history form

Scalp photos: front, top,sides and back


Eyebrows  photos


To discuss on  personal consultation appointment with Dr. Arambulo:

• Screening and selection of patients

• Disclosure ,Understanding pre and post op instructions

• Patient’s goal and scalp examination

• Design plan  and graft estimate

• Laboratory tests results  and cardio-pulmo clearance prior to scalp hair transplant body hair transplant , if requested to submit few days  before  surgery

• Paying of downpayment (10%) to schedule the procedure


On the day of Procedure

• Laboratory tests results all submitted

• Full payment before the  procedure

Mode of Payment:

Cash, Credit Card .Manager’s Check,Bank to Bank Transfer


To secure your procedure date , AHRC requires,  a deposit  2 weeks before your scheduled appointment procedure.  Your balance is due and payable a day prior to or on the day of surgery.


Contact us or Skype:asianhair1 or call 6333881 / 09175801684 for appointment



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