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The decision to undergo hair transplant surgery should be well thought out and never done in haste. Understanding the role of the Physician  Hair Restoration  Specialist”s  credentials and experience is worth hair saving. Dr. Arambulo is a Diplomate of the Philippine Board of Dermatology  and American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.(

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation  (FUT) ,represents the end refinement of surgical hair transplant. In a properly performed follicular unit transplant, the result will mimic the way hair grows in nature and will be undetectable as a hair transplant . Hair Transplant is considered a minor surgery, which usually takes  6 -12 hours. The length of the procedure  depends on the scalp characteristics, how patient is prepared for the procedure  and the  number of grafts to place in one session . Some patients require only one session  but other individuals with  progressive and severe pattern of  hair loss might  require more  than one session . In  addition since  donor supply is limited ,  especially in young patients, proper  scalp assessment and   careful  planning  are important to reach the beneficial aesthetic result.


2 techniques

Patient will be under local anesthesia and mild oral  sedation. It is recommended that Platelet Rich Plasma  is used  as storing solution  to keep the grafts healthy and to enhance hair growth



At the end of the procedure, a light dressing will be applied accompanied with a clean  surgical cap or bandana or patient’s  preferred cap to protect the grafts from harm .


Strip  FUT procedure details






  • Special training is necessary to produce skilled assistants who understand the precision needed to generate and place high-quality grafts   from  strip FUT procedure.Without such staff, this hair transplant procedure in big session of 3000-4000 grafts   cannot be properly executed in one session.The physician himself must understand and be proficient with each step  of the pocedure  in order to train assistants and to supervise quality control. Read why choose AHRC


anthony strip final

  • The  intraoperative photo documentation above describe the following :
    • Strip and FUE procedure are sometimes combined  with FUE technique  for more grafts production and  in patients  with tight scalp




    • Proper and honest written and photo documentation of grafts quality and quantity  harvest

grafts productionNC

    • Healing stages of the recipient  and donor areas.
      •  Fourteen days after with proper post – operative care,the scabs  on the recipient and donor  area are gone


    • Strip linear donor scar healing  is almost undetectable with trichophytic closure.


strip donor area stages of healing



hair strrip 2 sessions in caucasians


  •   Post operative instructions and schedule of follow ups:
    • Written and Video post operative instructions will be provided for patient’s guidance
    •  First shampoo at Asian Hair Restoration Center  or at The Medical City after 24 hours,if possible
    •  Removal of  retention and interrupted  sutures is  6 – 7   and 14 days after at AHRC or at The Medical City and the You have an option of suture removal  by  your  local doctor with the  post operative video instruction as his guide .You will be informed if absorbable sutures are used which need not be removed .


 At Asian Hair Restoration Center grafts quality and quantity  are well  documented.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Transplant Procedure


6.Following the details of the procedure  Click to watch the Natural result 2 years after 

S before and after front SA website 2016


7. Other appplications of Hair Transplant

  • Camouflage of  scalp scars from surgery,trauma or scalp conditions
  • Camouflage scar from cleft palette reconstructed
  • Camouflage of scar in any hair bearing areas
  • Restoration /augmentation of sideburns after Face-Lift Procedures
  • Restoration/ augmentation  of eyebrows
  • Restoration /augmentation of eyelash
  • Restoration/augmentation of other areas: mustache, beard, temporal peak
 armpits, chest and pubic hair


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