Beard and Moustache Transplantation

The latest trend in hair restoration surgery is non-scalp hair restoration procedures and one of them is enhancing the  the facial hair.The majority of Orientals do not have so much moustache and beard  as do their Caucasian and Indian counterparts. But today, there is an increasing demand specially from young individuals  for this facial hair transplant including beard and goatee.

Reasons for such requests include the following :

  1. To fill in areas without any beard and mustache to create a new and manly look
  2. To increase density in area with existing beard or mustache
  3. To camouflage scarring alopecia from accidental or iatrogenic trauma such as repair of cleft lip or tumor excision of the lip.

The continual refinements in hair restoration surgery have made it possible to permanently  enhance one’s hair in these areas and we our proud to show the  art , skills  and experience  involve in this  advanced procedure  from Dr. Arambulo’s expertise on both Strip and FUE techniques.

MOUSTACHEMoustache and eyebrow transplant done in one session by Strip technique

moustache RY

1 year after by FUE technique

Before undergoing mustache transplantation ,as in scalp procedure understanding the procedure and postoperative care  is important to have the optimum result

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