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Why Asian Hair Restoration Center?

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1. Patient’s Testimonial           Curriculum Vitae

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The decision to undergo hair transplant surgery should be well thought out and never done in haste. Find out if you are a candidate first . After the scalp assessment , if surgery is for you, your  choice of physician must  be based on physician hair restoration specialist ‘s knowledge ,proofs of efficiency, experience  and the  surgical team. Actual photos and videos of  our full procedure will be shown on your initial visit  to help you understand the every details of the procedures , with the major and critical parts in both strip  FUT and FUE surgery :  since donor supply is limited especially in young patients  careful  planning  is important to reach the beneficial aesthetic result.

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To understand this further , call for personal consultation to meet  Dr. Arambulo, our  physician hair restoration specialist  and AHRC surgical team because, ignorance about the quality of work and quantity of  grafts  production documentation will affect  the end result and your goalGrafts, once damaged cannot grow anymore.


2.State-of-the-art Surgical Techniques 

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE ) is the latest technique to harvest the grafts and  is  performed only  by few  talented hair transplant specialists all over the World. To be able to perform FUE procedure , a physician needs training,higher skills,knowledge ,experience and right choice of instruments . On your first visit we have the photos and video presentations of the actual procedure to prove the importance of efficiency and  teamwork  involved in a properly performed procedure.This is important before making a decision to make sure that every single hair grafts are preserved and used utilizing the proper technique in hair transplant procedure.

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2.State-of-the-art Surgical  Medical Equipments.

  • why_us3To perform FUE procedure ,Dr. Arambulo ‘s  choice of instrument is the  “Powered Safe Scribe ” using small blunt punches sizes  0.8 mm  for body hair  and 0.8 0.9  to 1 mm for the scalp .  Choice of special instrument  and  the skill of the physician hair restoration specialist are important to  facilitate FUE procedure
  • Click this to watch FUE procedure by Dr. Arambulo ,  Dr. Arambulo performs Body Hair Transplant .                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
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  • Stereomicroscopic donor strip dissection to prepare high quality follicular unit grafts by a well trained AHRC surgical team




  • Medical Illumination MI-1000 . It features exceptional quality,energy-efficient operation and cool bright output and  provides white bright light from multiple LED spots,thus improving visibility and graft preservation much to the delight of  doctor ,surgical staff and patient.



  • Cutting Edge Surgical System  for smaller blade width to match the exact follicle size


  • Hair Monitoring System to document scalp conditions and hair characteristics

3.  Knowlegeable and Highly Efficient Surgical Team





4. Honesty  in number of  grafts production placed 

To prove the efficiency and honesty  in a properly performed procedure , AHRC  documents the quantity and quality of  grafts harvest production placed . This is important for you to understand before considering a procedure. In addition to grafts tally sheets record, photos  of grafts production  like below is also accomplished .Visit us to learn more about this system .

grafts production

 5. Quality Hair Transplant   Click to watch the Natural result 2 years after 


 Visit our Photo and Video Gallery      Our Photos are water marked to avoid reproduction.

6. Spacious Center

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Our patients  also can have an option to undergo hair transplant under moderate sedation  in a hospital setting  at the The Medical City ,which is one of the biggest hospitals in the Philippines providing world-class  health service and care


6. Affordable price

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