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The Eyebrow Tattoo Craze That Will Inspire You to Have a Pair

Eyebrow tattoos are the go-to solution right now for ladies looking to set their brows on fleek 24/7. It’s sometimes called as eyebrow microblading and it’s a form of a permanent makeup that mimics the natural appearance of eyebrows down to the feather-like strokes. It’s already a common procedure available in most aesthetic clinics and…
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5 Things To Consider When Planning To Have A Hair Transplant

Vanity? Nope. Just Hair Issues! Does the rate of your hair fall worry you about how you will look in the future? Don’t worry, rapid hair thinning happens to most of us. People around the world always considers how they will look when it comes to hairdos and it’s the same here in the Philippines.…
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FUT & FUE Hair Transplantation: The Steps Towards Regrowth

Hair transplant is known to be the most expensive but also the most effective solution for pattern hair loss. It’s a procedure where your scalp’s receding area receives donor hair from the healthier parts of your scalp. On paper, it sounds simple enough, but you have to consider a few things and know what you’re…
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3 Things you might not Expect Could Cause Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow tattoos are a being offered by more and more establishments in the Philippines as proof of the ever-growing beauty industry. Why wouldn’t it grow? Being and feeling more attractive makes people happier. Indeed, looking good will, even if we try to fight it, make us feel good. Sometimes though, there are things that we…
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