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Good Nutrition: A Fundamental Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is among the many hardships men and women of the Philippines face. It’s one problem that affects more than one’s physical appearance, but also one’s self-esteem. Taking hair loss treatments is an option, but you don’t have to be hasty in taking medications since there are multiple causes for hair loss. No, it’s…
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Understanding Hair Loss: The Phases of Hair Growth

Talking about hair loss usually evokes a thought about alopecia areata or androgenetic alopecia. While those are the most common causes of hair loss for men and women in the Philippines, it doesn’t mean it’s always the case when you’re shedding hair. Before looking up hair loss treatments and taking drastic measures, slow down and…
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10 Health Foods that Promote Hair Growth According to Science

It’s hard to keep a straight face when friends and family notice your thinning hair. This is especially true during gatherings in the Philippines as your relatives will notice every little change you go through. It’s a cultural thing that’s demoralizing especially when they notice and poke fun at you. It could also lead to…
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Dwaine Woolley’s Hair Transplant Journey

  I  am Dwaine Woolley from Australia worked initially in the Philippines before I got married to a Filipina. Currently I am an actor, singer and host  social media sensation. I started losing my hair when I turned 18 and it was devastating. The bald look suits some people however it definitely did not suit…
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