Body Hair Transplant

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Body hair transplantation (BHT) is another successful innovation or specialty of FUE hair transplantation. This new technique is being presented as an option especially for patients who have limited or exhausted scalp donor sites to add density after scalp hair transplantation.

The technique Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) of body hair has enabled hair restoration surgeons to harvest grafts from multiple donor areas including abdomen, armpits/axillary area, chest, back, beard, forearms, legs/thighs, and pubis. Body hair transplant, therefore, offers the removal of unwanted hair and placing them into thin area or areas where they are most needed.

The patient is requested to shave the body hair 3-4 days before the procedure.

Body hair transplantation practitioner follows the refinement in this technique with two important factors involved.

1. The integrity of grafts  extracted

2. Smallest donor extraction site wounds with the use of 0.8 mm punch, that leaves undetectable scarring.
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grafts production body hairThe photo and written documentation of the quality and quantity of FUE body grafts production is important for you to know.

Physicians performing this procedure has advanced experience in FUE procedure.

A personal consultation is important to learn more about how Dr. Arambulo performs BHT, an innovation in hair transplant technology and our results.

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