Scalp Tattoo is considered as a nonsurgical option for baldness. Asian Hair Restoration Center and Arambulo Dermatology Center are the pioneers offering scalp micropigmentation ( SMP) in Manila Philippines. SMP is an ART and our aim is a natural result.

Micropigmentation in the Philippines

On this the video of one of our satisfied SMP patients testimonial .His name is Patrick and he 's happy to share the details about his SMP experience with us , which he described as excellent and with natural SMP result. He comes yearly for scalp tattoo retouch and this was his third retouch with us . Patrick prefers SMP over hair transplant.SMP is ideal for patients who do not like surgery, like Patrick. This video on scalp micropigmentation also presents , COVID safety measures by our staff in our clinic and SMP applications, in the experience of Dr. Arambulo. Dr. Arambulo as a dermatologist hair transplant specialist ,showcases our SMP before and after photos and other SMP applications and results in her practice, namely: 1. SMP hair augmentation or restoration for male and female , 2. Patients who prefer SMP over surgery, 3.SMP correction in patients with depleted back donor hair from poor scalp assessment and poor STRIP or FUE surgery from other clinics , 4.SMP correction of poor hair transplant results from poor surgery done from other clinics.5. scar camouflage of linear scar from STRIP surgery and finally 6. Scalp micropigmentation camouflage in patients with autoimmune disease with chronic Alopecia Areata of 1- 2 years duration. As Dr. Arambulo always says to her patients " Do not delay the procedure if you are ready for it , whatever is your preference, be it hair transplant or SMP, enjoy their benefit while you are still young. We can only promise you our dedication and passion to produce the quality SMP results "