Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair transplant

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Facial hair transplantation is another advanced performed surgical hair restoration procedure designed to transplant scalp hair to facial regions of eyebrows, moustache, beard or goatee which are lacking density and fullness. Since our center specializes in FUE surgery, face to face hair transplant is also possible with Dra. Arambulo. Majority of our patients requiring facial hair transplantation would opt for the most updated FUE hair restoration procedure to harvest follicles. With the FUE procedure, the follicular grafts are harvested from the posterior or back portion of the scalp similar to traditional strip hair transplant procedures. The new hair grafts are then re-implanted in the facial regions requiring creation, restoration or augmentation for greater facial hair density.

Our hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Julieta Peralta Arambulo says, that facial hair transplant such as eyebrow transplant and moustache implantation are more difficult hair restoration surgery procedure  to perform than scalp hair transplant . Facial implantation needs more physician's focus to surgical details , higher surgical skills and a good artistic eye  to achieve a natural result. A good surgical team becomes important as well to prepare the ultra thin single follicular grafts.

Patients seeking  facial hair transplant of eyebrows  usually have eyebrow design preference but majority agree with Dr. Arambulos' suggestion that eyebrow design should follow the existing original eyebrow hairs. Our eyebrow transplant  page will explain the art in placing the grafts to produce so that the transplanted hair  will grow flat and natural.

Likewise, patients seeking  facial hair transplant like  Beard and or Moustache transplant have design preference, which  Dr. Arambulo finds more challenging but gives her and patient delight because patient looks more manly and handsome. for patients especially the young who are  affected with severe Androgenic Alopecia  Dr. Arambulo makes sure that they  understand  that scalp donor is limited and to undergo this hair restoration procedure must be thought of well.

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