Hair Loss Diagnosis and Treatment

best dermatologist Metro Manila has the authority to diagnosis and treatment of hair loss

Dr. Julieta Peralta Arambulo , as a Diplomate of Philippine Board of Dermatology and American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery , has the authority to evaluate the different hair loss  disorders , discuss the causes , diagnosis and the respective updated and comprehensive medical treatment, the  nonsurgical biologics  and the  surgical hair loss treatment options. Click Curriculum Vitae

Hair loss, or alopecia, is a concern for men, women, and children. There are a number of medical conditions and factors that may cause temporary hair loss that are treatable without hair restoration surgery. When this condition is treated, the temporary hair loss thinning is typically reversed. It is important to see a a dermatologist  for diagnosis and treatment of your hair loss problem ,whether the underlying cause of scalp hair loss is temporary or permanent .

Misdiagnosis of hair loss  disorders related to underlying systemic diseases or performance of unnecessary or ill-advised surgery, may lead to major medical problem. Because of this an initial consultation with Dr. Arambulo is very important for you to understand  your diagnosis of the  scalp and hair loss problem that may affect you and the hair loss treatment that will work best for you. Below is algorithm of hair loss Dr. Arambulo made to guide you of the different hair loss conditions and understand that a dermatologist is more knowlegeable in the diagnose and will give you  a more comprehensive treatment options for your hair loss problem.

Hair loss diagnosis and treatment chart by Dr. Arambulo

Providing good service and satisfaction is what we aim for our patients ,thus, appointment is very important to us. We schedule the appropriate amount of time to explain to patients the details about diagnosis and treatment of your hair loss problem. Please arrive on time we want to spend time with you as much as possible to address all your concerns. Though  Your initial visit to physician’s centre is important, but during this time  a telehairconsultation is everyone's preference.

Before you choose a hair restoration surgeon, make sure a licensed experienced and properly trained physician will be responsible for your treatment. It’s a good idea to ask your hair restoration surgeon a lot of questions so you can have confidence in your decision.

The 2 most common hair loss conditions are:

Androgenic Alopecia

Alopecia Areata

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