5 Things To Consider When Planning To Have A Hair Transplant

Vanity? Nope. Just Hair Issues!

Does the rate of your hair fall worry you about how you will look in the future? Don’t worry, rapid hair thinning happens to most of us. People around the world always considers how they will look when it comes to hairdos and it’s the same here in the Philippines.

What Do We Do Without Science?

Luckily, scientists around the world have developed a way to remedy this: hair transplant. Yes, by extracting healthy hair root cells and transplanting them into an area where there is hair thinning, they can actually regrow hair in the said area.

Like other surgeries, hair transplant patients have things they need to consider. Here are four things that people need to consider when planning to undergo hair transplant:

  1. Age – Hair thinning mostly comes with age. The hair roots become dormant thus resulting in hair loss. People experience this at different points in their lives; some at a younger age, some during their senior years, and other lucky ones never experience it at all. Scientists state that it doesn’t matter when your hair started thinning rather when your hair stopped thinning. Results claimed that having a hair transplant before your hairline has settled will likely cause you to have multiple hair transplants because your hair will still continue to recede.
  2. Medical History – If your hair loss was caused by medications e.g. Chemotherapy, it is most likely that hair will never regrow on that area despite a hair transplant. After such therapies, the skin will likely be damaged to an extent that it will not be able to nurture new hair root cells
  3. Hair Thinning Extent – Remember, the hair root cells to be extracted will be from existing hair root cells from your own body. If the hair areas on your body are experiencing hair thinning altogether, chances are you won’t achieve what the surgery intends to do. There will just be no place to extract hair root cells.
  4. Injuries – If a certain hair area in your body is damaged, hair loss is very much possible. But having a hair transplant in that area is not always advisable. If the scar that resulted from the injury is too thick and/or deep, hair regrowth is impossible. The skin will not be healthy enough to regrow new hair strands.

A Little Bit of Knowledge

Here in the Philippines, not many are knowledgable about these facts resulting in having only about 79% success rate for hair transplant. A guideline about pre-operation factors would help raise the success rate.

Issues about looks affect most people regardless if he/she is from the Philippines or not, and hair loss shouldn’t be a hindrance to having a good hairdo and to feeling good about yourself.

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