Hair Transplant Correction Surgery

Hair transplant correction
When you had hair transplant somewhere and gone wrong, ask Dr. Arambulo for help

Do not be discouraged, we understands how you feel.  Find out hair transplant correction surgery can repair the  unnatural hairline and poor density from  poor hair transplant procedure you did somewhere. Our hair transplant specialist, Dr. Julieta Peralta - Arambulo, will explain the realistic expectation for you.Even if you have depleted donor area, there is hope with us . Call us for consultation appointment and understand how the art in hair by Dr. Arambulo can help you.



We offer free hair transplant repair to victims once a year.Find out if you qualify.

Hair transplant repair is a correction of previous unsuccessful hair transplant surgery. This is a worldwide  problem ,  with a devastating experience for all victims of illicit practice in hair transplant. Patients are dissatisfied  with the results of the initial hair transplant procedure by incompetent doctors . Hair Transplant has many applications and your this concern  is just one of the not so highlighted applications in hair transplant.

Table 2. Other Applications of Follicular Unit Transplantation ( STRIP and FUE):

  • Camouflage of scalp scars from surgery, trauma or scalp conditions. (Fig.11)
  • Camouflage scar from cleft palette reconstructed.
  • Hair transplant correction by camouflage of scar in any hair-bearing areas.
  • Restoration /augmentation of sideburns after face-Lift Procedures.
  • Restoration/ augmentation of eyebrows.
  • Restoration /augmentation of eyelash.
  • Restoration/augmentation of other areas: mustache, beard, temporal peak, armpits, chest and pubic hair
  • Hair transplant correction procedures ( Fig .33)

 Offering the best hair transplant correction surgery  to be the best hair transplant provider in the Philippines, please read our instructions Prior to scheduled online and face to face consultation with Dr. Julieta Peralta -Arambulo, fill up the medical history forms so that she can better asses whether you are a good candidate for hair transplant repair surgery.  Click Contact Us   

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