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To accurately determine the cost of a hair transplant and provide you with a personalized treatment plan, we recommend scheduling a face-to-face consultation. During this consultation, our experienced medical team will thoroughly assess your specific needs, evaluate the extent of your hair loss, and discuss your desired results. Factors such as the technique used, and the complexity of the procedure will all play a role in determining the cost. By having an in-person consultation, we can provide you with an accurate estimate tailored to your unique situation and answer any questions you may have about the procedure, ensuring you receive the most precise and comprehensive information regarding the cost of your hair transplant.

It is important to consider that the cost of a hair transplant is not solely determined by the price tag, but also by the quality and outcome of the procedure. While it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper procedure, it is crucial to understand that failed hair transplant procedures can occur ( click to see) and this is a worldwide concern. Your hair donor supply is limited, and if not used properly, it can significantly impact your ability to achieve the desired coverage and results. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize the expertise and reputation of the medical professionals performing the procedure, even if it means investing in a higher-cost option. Remember, the long-term success and satisfaction of your hair transplant procedure depend on the skill and experience of the medical team, so it's vital to make an informed decision based on quality rather than just the cost. We are pleased to present our hair transplant artwork, as depicted in the photos below.

Inquiring patients frequently asked question is" how much grafts do I need or how much you charge per graft?" With us the hair transplant cost is determined on choice of technique and the patient’s goal ,which  is typically individualise for patient’s unique needs. Much more the cost with us is about the production of natural result that is appreciated primarily for their beauty and emotional power.


We had seen and done a number of dissatisfied patients from other clinics, claiming that they received such a high number of grafts from their previous procedures for a cheaper or exorbitant hair transplant cost. Hair loss can cause negative emotional impact and with misleading information, some patients are lured into hair transplant surgery without thinking twice. Hair transplant involves a lot of details , and a good surgical team trained by the hair transplant surgeon herself. Hair transplant is an ART involving the slits creation following the angel and direction and physician's decision of where to carefully place the 1 hair graft or groups of hair. The work is compared to a painting or sculpting with result that is appreciated for its beauty and emotional power.

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Again before subjecting yourself to hair transplant procedure , think twice.Get to know the Provider and the authenticity of her work.Since the donor supply is limited, careful management  of donor hair reserve is important to fulfill the patient’s goal. Once damaged they cannot be replaced anymore.Rush decision and looking for the cheapest hair transplant cost is dangerous. LEARN MORE about the illicit hair transplant practice. which is a World - wide concern.

Determining whether a patient is a candidate for this procedure requires extensive discussion between the patient and the hair surgeon.  Asian Hair Restoration Center always strives to make hair restoration procedure as affordable as possible.The  cost of hair transplant  procedure determined on choice of technique  and  patient’s goal typically price varies  for each individual .The dissected follicular unit   grafts  either by  STRIP  or FUE technique will show  different hair groupings. The more number of hairs per graft , the more volume effect and scalp coverage it will create . The follicular unit with 3's -4's hairs and  are well selected by FUE technique. The hair groupings depend on race, age and genetics.

Virtual consultation fee of Php1500 is required, however for patient requiring face to face consultation additional fee of Php 500 for PPE if will be needed. Prepared or not for the hair transplant procedure , please schedule a consultation appointment which will involve extensive discussion , to determine whether you are a candidate or not for hair transplant. It is worth hair saving.Dr. Arambulo as Fellow Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery supports its mission and vision and will not mind the long consultation time spend with her patients with presentation to raise awareness of what is happening today in the hair transplant surgery field and with intention to educate potential patients about the need to search for experienced ,ethical doctors to perform their surgery.

For decided patient mode of payment is by the following:

Cash, Manager’s Check , Bank to Bank Transfer, Gcash

The hair transplant cost includes :

Hotel arrangements (out of town patients)

All pre and post procedure care

24/7 ready to answer your questions

To secure your procedure date we would require a deposit  before your scheduled appointment.Your balance is due and payable before or a day before the scheduled surgery.

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