The  cost of hair transplant  procedure determined on choice of technique  and  patient’s goal is typically individualised for patient’s unique needs.Our fees is according to the skill and expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure with result that is consistently World -class  quality.Dr. Arambulo has proven her expertise and experience with consistent authentic hair transplant results photos and patients’ video testimonials.

Since the donor supply is limited, please see our hair transplant before and after photos and watch our videos on youtube to understand better quality hair transplant. Careful management  of donor hair reserve is important to fulfil patient’s goal.Do not look for cheapest hair transplant cost to avoid being victim of illicit hair transplant practice.

Virtual consultation fee of Php1000 is required, however for patient requiring face to face consultation additional fee of 1000 for PPE will be added.Determining whether a patient is a candidate for this procedure requires extensive discussion between the patient and the hair surgeon.  

For decided patient mode of payment is by the following:

Cash, Credit Card, Manager’s Check , Bank to Bank Transfer

The fee includes :

Assistance  by our dedicated staff  includes with making local travel and hotel arrangements (out of town patients)

All pre and post procedure care

24/7 ready to answer your questions

To secure your procedure date , AHRC requires, 50k deposit  before your scheduled appointment procedure.  Your balance is due and payable a day prior to or on the day of surgery.

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