Surgical Team

Dra. Arambulo; Asian Hair Restoration Center & Arambulo Dermatology Center

The decision to undergo hair transplant surgery should be well thought out and never done in haste. Your choice of physician should be based on proofs of efficiency, experience, and the surgical team. Dr. Julieta Peralta- Arambulo, performs herself the major and critical parts of the procedures, especially in  FUE surgery. Actual photos and videos of the well planned procedure will be shown on your initial visit to help you understand every detail of the different stages of the procedure. She also constantly updates her knowledge on innovations about hair restoration surgery, necessary to produce a  team of competent medical and surgical assistants , combined with the atmosphere of team spirit which constitutes the core ingredients to a successful procedure.

Physician’s special training and updated knowledge are necessary to produce skilled assistants who understand the precision needed to generate and place high-quality grafts.Dr. Arambulo stresses that physician himself must understand and be proficient with each step of the procedure in both Strip and FUE techniques in order to train assistants and to supervise a quality control hair transplant procedure.

Dra. Arambulo attended AAHRS seminar

Dra Arambulo and staff attended ISHRS seminar
Our surgical staff attends also the international conferences to update their knowledge and skills.

Bettina Peñalosa, our head nurse also lectures at ISHRS surgical assistant meeting to share our " Patient's Post Operative Care"

Bettina Peñalosa, our head nurse also lectures at ISHRS surgical assistant meeting to share our "Patient's Post Operative Care"

Our surgical team is composed of skilled and well-trained assistants dedicated to excellence. Without such staff,  hair transplant procedure in big sessions of 3000-3500 grafts,  cannot be properly executed in a single session. On top of this, our team works with honesty, enthusiasm, and dedication to excellence. Please find time to read our website pages, it is very important, that you understand the hair transplant procedure before making a decision. Patients’ ignorance of physician's credentials and what is a well trained surgical teamwork will affect the end result of the hair transplant procedure.


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