3 Things you might not Expect Could Cause Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow tattoos are a being offered by more and more establishments in the Philippines as proof of the ever-growing beauty industry. Why wouldn’t it grow? Being and feeling more attractive makes people happier. Indeed, looking good will, even if we try to fight it, make us feel good. Sometimes though, there are things that we might over look that could cause our body, specifically our eyebrows, to fall through the cracks. Here are some of them and what you can do about it.

Plucking and Make up

Some of us are gifted with thick and luscious brows and those that won that genetic lottery have more concern with plucking their brows than painting them on. Sadly, over plucking can stress the follicles enough to either promote the growth of thinner hair or stun their growth altogether. The same goes with using makeup—in the Philippines specially, we have sensitive skin and need products that are hiyang or skin-appropriate. Over applying makeup or using low quality makeup that might have toxic ingredients could cause eye brow hair loss.

What you can do: Pluck minimally. If you can, thread your brows instead. If you must pluck, wash your face with warm water to open your pores and lessen the stress. Use only FDA-approved makeup from reputable brands in proper quantities.

Protein, Vitamin & Nutrient Deficiency

The body cannot ably create more cells by itself. It needs to gather the ingredients necessary for replication of cells like sunlight, water, air, and of course, food. To grow hair, the body needs the right amount of vitamins, mineral, nutrients, and proteins. Going on crash diets, leaving out certain food groups out of your diet for a long time, and over eating especially of junk food may cause deficiency from the required ingredients needed by your body to grow skin and hair.

What you can do: Save money on eyebrow tattoo in the Philippine by eating well. Balance your fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Focus on whole food and avoid empty calories of food that add up calories but don’t add to your nutrition, i.e., junk food.

Stress, Anxiety, Hormonal Imbalance

Aside from creating new cells, the body also produces hormones. While a healthy diet and holistic routine optimize your cell growth and regeneration, they also you regulate your body’s hormone and keeps it in balance. Some state of mind, like being under extreme emotional and mental stress and enduring anxiety, tips this balance. Bad habits like smoking and drinking may also contribute to malnutrition and hormone production changes.

What can you do: if you’re already eating well, you should also live healthily. Introduce exercise into your daily routine. Take breathing routines throughout the day, good or bad. Keep good friends and cut deal with negativities with a can-do attitude. Lastly, avoid bad and destructive habits.

Feeling good about yourself also helps you look good—the reverse is also true! By making healthy choices, you can retain or even grow fuller brows. Just in case you can’t, don’t worry because eyebrow tattoos are easily available in the Philippines.

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