Choosing the Right Color for Microblading Eyebrows

Aside from getting fit, looking for the best OOTDs, and booking getaway destinations, what are we getting busy about is our summer makeup look! There’s just something about cosmetics that makes it the cherry on top of our getup. It increases our confidence and self-esteem. Plus, for makeup lovers like us, trying new tricks and the feel of warm pretty colors on our faces are ecstatic!

But with the sun going to its peak this summer, the sweatiness, oiliness and humidity make it hard for our cosmetics to last all day long, especially for eyebrow makeup. First, it gets smudged. Then, you reapply eyebrow products amid the hot weather. Before you know it, your eyebrow makeup is either all over the wrong places or completely gone. Fortunately, microblading eyebrows is a service that beauty clinics in Manila offers. Bid goodbye to messy eyebrow makeup and say hello to perfect brows at any time of the day!

What is microblading?

Microblading eyebrows is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing in which professional beauty artisans in Manila use a handheld tool with a fine blade tip. This tool is dipped in special pigments then superficial cuts are made on the brow area. The deposited rich color results in hair-like strands that resemble perfectly-shaped eyebrows. The results can last up to three years and it’s 100% smudge-, water- and sweatproof. That means you don’t have to worry about makeup smears anymore. Just flaunt those long-lasting natural-looking eyebrows even beyond the summer season!

But how will you determine the perfect eyebrow microblading color for you?

Choosing your eyebrow color is tricky especially when your artisan has laid out several pigment options for you. Clinics with eyebrow microblading services in Manila have their suggestions but the color selected by the patient gets the final say. To help you pick the correct hue, we highly suggest you acknowledge your hair color to achieve a hyper-realistic look.

For Brown Hair

If you’re aiming for a natural look, selecting one shade lighter works best. Meanwhile, if you’re after emphasis and volume, you can choose up to two shades darker.

For Black Hair

Avoid selecting the exact color of your hair for your microblading pigment. It will only look unnatural. Shades ranging from medium to dark brown could be your best bet.

For Red Hair

To complement the red tones of your hair, we highly suggest light blonde, ginger, and warmer brown hues. It’s great for face-framing while maintaining a natural look.

For Blonde Hair

Taupe is the go-to shade for people with blonde hair color. Not too dark, not too light, but just right!

More than selecting the right pigment, the pre- and post-care instructions should be strictly followed to ensure proper color retention. To know more about eyebrow microblading, visit your beauty artisan in Manila today!

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