Mesotherapy for Hair Loss
Dr. Peralta Arambulo uses the first AI - driven non - invasive hair consultation.

Scalp Mesotherapy for Hair Loss : Maximizing Benefits through Precision and Comfort

We understand that achieving optimal results in mesotherapy for hair loss requires a comprehensive approach. That's why we emphasize the importance of correct indications and advanced technology in our mesotherapy hair restoration procedures.

Understanding Correct Indications

The success of scalp mesotherapy for hair loss lies on understanding the correct indications for treatment. Drs. Arambulo and Cordero ensures that each patient undergoes a thorough assessment to determine the most suitable approach for their individual needs. By targeting specific areas and conditions, we maximize the benefits of mesotherapy for hair loss.

Comfort is Paramount

We prioritize patient seeking mesotherapy for hair loss comfort throughout the procedure. Scalp mesotherapy is often performed under nerve blocks to minimize discomfort, ensuring a more pleasant experience for our patients.The depth of injecton is down to the hair bulge and dermal papilla locations of hair stem cells , which is 1.5 to 4mm deep down to dermal papilla hair bulb.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Precision

Selecting the most advanced technology in mesoterapy for hair loss is crucial in achieving superior outcomes.Our state-of-the-art delivery system enhances precision while remaining user-friendly. With features like auto-sensing mode and suction, we can deliver any type of solution with ease, shortening the duration of the procedure and improving overall treatment experience.

Hair Metrix Dermoscopy for Accurate Diagnosis

We utilize HairMetrix, a high-end dermoscopy system, for proper diagnosis of hair loss and growth monitoring. This advanced technology for mesotherapy for hair loss allows us to analyze the scalp with unparalleled accuracy, guiding our treatment decisions and ensuring optimal results for our patients.

Experience the Difference

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