Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Non surgical hair loss treatments are for patients who have hair loss problems not needing surgical treatment and for patients who are candidates for hair transplant but do not like to subject themselves to hair restoration surgery procedure.

Non surgical hair treatment| Asian Hair Restoration Center

Hair loss may be caused by a variety of factors.  Dermatology hair specialists will be able to evaluate your hair loss problem, dispel some of the myths, and discuss whether you need non surgical hair loss treatment : medical, biologics or surgical treatment.  As with any patient who has a medical history that includes serious medical conditions, a laboratory work-up will be required to further assess patient's hair loss problem.

There are only two FDA-approved medical treatments for hair loss :

Minoxidil solution : in 2% and 5% preparations are available that, when applied on the scalp, produce an increase in blood circulation to the hair follicles stimulating hair growth.
• Finasteride :  given only to men, is an oral medication that slows the progression of hair loss. Finasteride may also be prescribed in selected   women with pattern hair loss. Please visit this link to learn more about Finasteride

For learn more about the other non surgical hair loss treatment, please call for consultation appointment


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