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Ortigas Clinic of Dr. Arambulo

With us you have option to visit us at Asian Hair Restoration Center or at The Medical City ( TMC).

Asian Hair Restoration Center and Arambulo Dermatology Center follow a “COVID-Protected Facility , strictly follow governmental guidelines for stay at home, social distancing, hand sanitizing, and use of masks/facial coverings.  In the interest of our patients seeking skin and hair problems treatment, we commit to following the general and universal international ,national and local governmental health authorities recommendations to help protect patients from getting infected with COVID-19 and inform patients of possible modifications that should be expected in their physicians/surgeons’ practices. 

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Below are the forms to accomplish prior to your telehairconsultation appointment. Please read carefully and accomplish .

Medical History Form

For those seeking face to face consultation with Dr. Arambulo please fill up the CSQ below before your appointment

Covid - 19 Patient Screening Questionnaire(CSQ)


Scan the QR code displayed on our clinic entrance before entering .

To help us provide care to our patients in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking all patients to provide the following information prior to making an office appointment. It is essential that this information is accurate and complete. We respect your privacy and this information will be protected.Thank you for your cooperation- Asian Hair Restoration Center and Arambulo Dermatology Center

  • Only patients with prescheduled appointments are allowed to enter the clinic ( walk-ins are discouraged ). 
  • Minimize the number of people in the clinic. Companions are discouraged. Visitors present only for transportation should wait off-site until contacted at the conclusion of the visit. 
  • All entering the facility will wear masks, face shields , surgical cap isolation gown and booties ( clinic will provide) and immediately sanitize their hands. They should be worn at all times while in the clinic. Hand sanitization is required for providers and patients throughout the day.
  • All patients, staff  and physician should have a symptom check and have a non- contact temperature check immediately upon entering the clinic. Anyone leaving and re-entering the clinic during the workday would repeat the temperature check. Patients and employees are discouraged from leaving the clinic during the workday hours. 

For those who are decided to undergo hair transplant procedure click to read the initial instruction below


  •  Rt-PCR test is a requirement. The Medical City offers Drive -Thru COVID Testing at the Basement 1 Exit from Monday to Sunday , 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. By Appointment. Call 8988-100 extension 3300
  • Record your temperature daily beginning three days before scheduled procedure . Please notify the clinic if your temperature is > 37.7°C or 100°F.
  • Submit the Rt- PCR result prior to date of procedure

STRIP  or FUE hair transplant procedure is  scheduled   3- 8 days after negative  Rt- PCR test

  • Despite negative screening results, it is still essential that we treat all patients as  contagious when they come to our clinics. 

A COVID-protected facility 

  • Routinely asks patients for a relevant COVID-19 history of their own health and their contacts. It is important that patients provide accurate information. 
  • Follows social distancing guidelines by limiting contact of patients with one another whether in consultation or in a procedure and will arrange waiting room seating accordingly. 
  •  Uses suitable equipment/PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or another equivalent governmental agency. Here in our country because the insufficient supply of PPE, AHRC will use the locally made PPE and  isolation gown made of recommended  water repellant material, microfibre.
  •  Routinely uses relevant health histories and daily temperature monitoring of all clinic staff and patients as part of their strategy to prevent contagion. Additionally, and where available, follows all government guidelines on use of testing to monitor staff. 
  • In addition to using proper PPE, it uses appropriate cleansing, disinfecting and sterilization procedures throughout the office/clinic. Also, uses proper waste disposal methods for any materials that could be contaminated. 
  •  Advises patients of hand washing protocols in the office/clinic and how to change gloves, gown and masks. 
  •  Assures the public that the staff have received additional training with regards to proper COVID-19 infection control methods 
  •  And perhaps most importantly, the surgeon you have chosen is the one performing the surgical steps of your procedure, rather than delegating it to unlicensed technicians. 
COVID Safety Protocols Reference
  1. WHO Standard Precautions in Health Care and Health-care facility recommendations for standard precautions 
  2. CDC Guideline for Coronavirus Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities 
  3. COVID-19 Pandemic: ISHRS Suggested Protocols for Resuming Hair Transplant Practices , Page 9 April 27, 2020   Developed by the ISHRS COVID-19 Task Force, led by Robert H. True MD, MPH, FISHRS, Re-entry Protocols Subgroup Chair 
  4. WHO Standard Precautions in Health Care and Health-care facility recommendations for standard precautions 
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  6. PSMID-PHICS Risk Assessment of Surgery in the Context of COVID 19 Version1.0 26May 2020
  7. Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Philippine Hospital Infection Control Society Philippine College of Physicians 

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