Acne scar treatment

Acne scar revision a multi-step treatment

Acne scar treatment is a difficult cosmetic surgical procedure. To improve the tissue destruction caused by inflammatory acne is a therapeutic challenge to us dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons.

The specific type of acne scarring can be effectively treated with single modality but with the wide variability of acne scar morphology combined treatment can be effective and simple to perform.

Simple surgical procedures often produce the simple and most reproducible results. In the Philippines, Dr. Arambulo recommends the following treatment procedures according to the type of scar: punch excision, elliptical excision, cross, dermal planning subcision dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. Each of the procedure will produce improvement as stand-alone treatment but to optimize treatment outcome several procedures or combination of treatments perform at different times are needed.

The ablative technique as the secondary procedure is not always necessary.  However, it is the proper identification of scar subtypes and the use of multiple complementary techniques that produce optimal results. In addition.  Developing the simple classification system using the term icepick, boxcar and rolling to describe the 3 major scar types allows the physician to easily assess patients with acne scarring and determine the best approach to treatment. Call/message us for appointment consultation for assessment and evaluation of your scar problem.

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