Eyebrow Microblading


Eyebrow microblading  is a  perfect combination  of a masterful technique and art form is popular in young and old female patients  as well as in men, with or without thinning eyebrows , to restore or augment the eyebrows, or simply to define or enhance  the normal eyebrows. This procedure  also requires knowledge, innate artistic passion and a highly experienced artist to generate excellent cosmetic natural outcomes. The tactile skills developed through experience with the choice of instrument that deliver the right color of pigment at the right depth and duration of the injections is , the important factor to simulate the natural  human  eyebrows. Visit  in Facebook: Eyebrow Microblading Art and in Instagram: Arambulodermcenter to see more of our results Eyebrow Microblading Training Course at Asian Hair Restoration Centre is complete  with doctor’s touch The difficult part is mastering  the tactile  touch for the pigment to stay, we will teach you the technique to acquire the art fast and easy.Visit us on instagram:arambulodermcenter or call 09175801684 for further inquiry.