Dwaine Woolley’s Hair Transplant Journey

DWAYNE WOOLEY baseline full face


I  am Dwaine Woolley from Australia worked initially in the Philippines before I got married to a Filipina. Currently I am an actor, singer and host  social media sensation.

I started losing my hair when I turned 18 and it was devastating. The bald look suits some people however it definitely did not suit me. Losing my hair resulted in me losing my confidence. I would often cover it up with hair fibre/concealer.

I found Asian Hair Restoration by searching for solutions to my hair loss problem online. I met Dra. Arambulo and was very impressed by her background and experience in Hair Transplantation. The process was explained very clearly to me by her and her team. I could see they had the expertise I was looking for.


I decided to go ahead with the operation. After the operation the team at Asian Hair made sure I understood how to take care of my hair post-op and so I followed their instructions. 3 months later, to my astonishment I could see that the transplanted hair was growing! My friends and family also noticed that I had hair now! The hair transplant restored the confidence that I had previously lost! I am very happy with Asian Hair Restoration!

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