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Asian Hair Restoration Center proudly presents the hair transplant before and after results which  are authentic or genuine results, with crystal clear photos that represents a "World class hair transplant". Our work speaks for itself, also portrays Dr. Arambulo's (a board certified hair transplant specialist) , years of practice, updated knowledge , artistic skills,  "the authority " in hair transplant in the Philippines. 

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Follow his hair transformation.
Hair Transplant at Asian Hair Restoration Center
Hair Transplant Results Philippines | Dr. Julieta Peralta Arambulo

This patient with Androgenic Alopecia type VII, had 4 sessions by STRIP and FUE combination. Watch his complete hair transplant journey.


Hairline restoration

Results  in a young patient ,hairline restoration ,1 session by STRIP FUT. Artwork by Dr. Peralta Arambulo

This is a diabetic patient, after 1 session only  by STRIP FUT technique.We also transplant his crown area during the same session .Click to see the result of his crown hair transplant.






Asian Hair Restoration CenterThe result after a single Follicular Unit Transplantation  to build the fronto -temporal hairline

According to Dr. Peralta Arambulo, the guiding principles and attending the scientific conferences  annually on hair is important, to further the physician’s knowledge, provide the updates on the medical treatment , the scientific basis and improve the surgical skills  for the  best care for our patients.We pride ourselves in delivering excellent results that exceed patients’ expectations.  Since 2011 we incorporate  PRP  that contains growth factors ,nutrients , vitamins  and minerals  to stimulate early growth of transplanted hair and use implanter for atraumatic placing of grafts by our efficient surgical team Follow the full hair transformation of our  patients whose life we changed for the better on our social media accounts.


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